Lady Musgrave Island

Lady Musgrave Island was stunning. Gerhard taught the boys to use their new snorkels and fins and off we went.
They took to it like…fish to water! Hugo dived down with his father and I tried to keep up with Oscar who was chasing after fish across the reef. What looked a small reef shark caught Oscar’s eye as well as a beautiful turtle swimming which we followed for a while. Both boys seem to manage to squeal and talk underwater…can’t imagine who they get that from!

With both boys safely back in the dinghy Gerhard and I snorkelled a little more. Gerhard came back and indicated that I get myself on board, and mouthed the word “shark”! He’d seen one on the edge of the bit of reef, about 5-6 feet long. His immediate thought was ‘how on earth are we going to get Gilli back into the dinghy quickly?’. He had been trying to work out whether to get in first and then drag me in (and how to explain to my mother that he’d left me in the water to be chewed on by a passing shark as my legs flailed in the water enticingly) or to be chivalrous and get me I first and then follow, but would we both be a lunchtime snack for the shark? My climbing into the dinghy from the water with snorkel, fins and wet suit has been less than nimble and the cause of great mirth (and on my part disbelief that I can be quite so hopeless) in honesty it makes no difference whether I’m kitted out for snorkelling or just in my swimmers, I’m still hopeless!

The sunsets at Lady Musgrave were delightful – which we enjoyed with the bottle of bubbly given to us by our estate agent on the completion of our house sale, and Foie Gras sent from my friend Wid.

Lady Musgrave Dinner
Lady Musgrave Dinner